Cities NH

Cities NH I Ching Hexagrams in relation to Geographical Longitude.

The first idea for this Zodiac on the Earth came to me from Dane Rudhyar.

He placed the zodiac on the earth. He started the zodiac connection at the Pyramid and sphinx which he gave to the Leo Virgo cusp.

This idea has remained with me over the years and is the same one used in these hexagram-to-cities associations.

These maps are general overviews.

The exact relation of each line of the Ching hexagrams to a certain degrees of geographical longitude is presented here. It allows for anyone to take the coordinates of where they live, or are standing, and find the specific correlating I Ching Hexagram and line.

First map created 1974

It is organized by Zodiac sign so you might have to search for your city or location. All of the main cities are listed, as well as the actual degree-minute coordinates for each line of each hexagram.

Most of North America is Aries, Taurus, and a bit of Gemini.

Most of Europe is Cancer, and Leo.

The Middle East is Virgo, India is Libra and China Scorpio. Alaska and Hawaii is Aquarius.

The only thing in the world you can be sure of is change!